The ERARD D3C company, with over 34 years' experience, is your creative partner. We are committed to improving our service quality and to expanding our product range, in order to optimize the most appropriate solutions for your requirement.


Thanks to its new format, with icons that provide detailed information and alert users to new, related, and custom-made products, this catalog will be a precious guide in helping you choose the products you use on a daily basis.


Our modern, spacious research center in Gennevilliers houses teams that design, develop and manufacture a wide range of products intended for various business segments, such as audiovisual, telecom industrial electronics and information technology.

Our research center uses scale drawings and samples to create the wire-connector solution that is best adapted to your needs.

 We have used the latest technology to redesign our website, which is now even more user friendly.


Precision mechanics & Steel plate construction


ERARD D3C is expanding its business by offering new services in mechanical engineering and steel-plate manufacturing.
Already active in the area of 19” panels, ERARD D3C now offers services using precision engineering in machining, folding, cutting, surface treatment, and painting, whether for individual units or for small and medium-sized series.


- machining
- cut
- resistance spot welding
- milling
- drilling
- graving
- folding
- punching
- shot-peening
- brushing
- painting
- screen printing
- surface treatment
Machine park
- graving machine
- automatic saw
- sanding machine
- burring machine
- drilling machine
- nut tapper
- punching machine
- drawing press
- shearing machine
- crimping machine
- welding machine

Application fields

- electronic
- industry

Electronic Research & Development

Research and development are vital to ERARD D3C's future success.

We provide complete service for all of your projects, from design to production.


- prototype design and development, in compliance with your specifications
- PCB routing
- specifications drawn up by providing basic data, instructions, 
 - test and development reports, and general and wiring diagrams
- controller programming
- electronic-board manufacturing
- assembly of SMD and hybrid components
- electronic subcontracting